Recent Data Study

The recently published Department of Energy technical paper supplements HAYNES® 282® alloy ASME code case data with an in-depth technical analysis of creep life. 

Key points:

  • HAYNES® 282® alloy code case announcement.
    • The alloy is approved for use in modern power generation equipment utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide and advanced ultra-supercritical steam technologies.
  • The DoE publication, found here, presents an in-depth study of the effects of time, temperature, stress, and grain size on predicted service life of HAYNES® 282® alloy.
  • The publication explores the predicted applied stress to allow for at least 100,000 hours of service life (approximately eleven years and five months) using the Larson Miller and Wilshire creep life modelling approaches. 
  • Excerpts from the paper state:
    • “…Experimental creep-rupture data generated for an ASME International code case for wrought [HAYNES® 282® alloy were analyzed] with the aim of developing expressions for creep-limited lifetime as a function of applied stress and temperature.”
    • “The models were used to calculate the applied stresses at which HAYNES® 282® alloy would achieve 100,000-h creep lifetimes as a function of temperature between 600 and 950 ◦C, …”
    • “Lifetime predictions based on these derived expressions adequately described other experimental datasets for HAYNES® 282® alloy.”

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