Resistance to Salt Spray Corrosion

HAYNES® 242® alloy exhibits good resistance to corrosion by sodium-sulfate-containing sea water environment at 1200°F (650°C). Tests were performed by heating specimens to 300°F (150°C), spraying with a simulated sea water solution, cooling and storing at room temperature for a week, heating to 1200°F (650°C) for 20 hours in still air; cooling to room temperature, heating and spraying again at 300°F (150°C), and storing at room temperature for a week.

Alloy Metal Loss Maximum Metal Affected
mils µm mils µm
S 0.10 2.5 0.20 5.1
242® 0.15 3.8 0.30 7.6
B 0.20 5.1 0.30 7.6
909 0.40 10.2 0.20 30.5