Resistance to High-temperature Fluoride Environments

Research has shown that materials which have high molybdenum content and low chromium content are generally superior to other materials in resisting high-temperature corrosion in fluorine-containing environments. HAYNES® 242® alloy is in that category, and displays excellent resistance to both fluoride gas and fluoride salt environments.

Comparative Resistance to 70% HF at 1670°F (910°C) for 136 Hours

Thickness Loss
mils mm
242® 12.6 0.3
S 15.8 0.4
N 15.8 0.4
625 47.2 1.2
230® 70.9 1.8
C-22® 78.7 2.0
600 141.7 3.6

Comparative Resistance to KCl-KF-NaF Mixed Salts

Comparative Resistance to KCl-KF-NaF Mixed Salts

Samples were exposed to a mixture of KCl-KF-NaF salts for a total of 40 hours in service. Temperature was cycled from 1290 to 1650°F (700-900°C) during the course of the exposure.